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      In 2017, Wu Chen, who was eager to promote poverty alleviation through education, came to Dalmoyu Village on the recommendation of a friend. Immediately attracted by the strong cultural atmosphere in the village, she rented a space of nearly 400 square meters to build "Moyu Village School" and explore life education suitable for rural areas. "It is used as a kindergarten for children in the village." "Village school" also has a semester to help look after the children in the village, with at least three teachers teaching different subjects to the children every day, Wu said. At weekends, the village school offers children over the age of six a variety of life education, including "hard skills" such as English and writing, as well as "soft skills" such as emotional management through painting and music.  A poll to select the "happiest City in China 2020" has been launched in Beijing. Under the theme of "People's City, Happiness and Prosperity", the event will investigate the happiness of Chinese cities and promote the vivid practice of happy cities with the focus on fine urban governance, people's joint contribution and sharing, and efforts to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Oriental Outlook Magazine, which is affiliated with Outlook Weekly, and Outlook Think tank jointly sponsored the "China's happiest Cities" survey, which has been held for 13 consecutive years, has selected more than 70 happy cities, and about 1 billion people have participated in the survey, making the concept of "urban happiness" deeply rooted in people's hearts.  

       In order to do a good job in the prohibition of fishing and withdrawal of fishing in key waters of Guiyang Guian Yangtze River Basin, Guiyang city has set up a leading group and special working class for the prohibition of fishing and withdrawal of Fishing in key waters of Guiyang Guian Yangtze River Basin, and formulated and issued the Implementation Plan of the Prohibition of Fishing and Withdrawal of Fishing in key waters of Guiyang Guian Yangtze River Basin, specifically focusing on & LDQUO; One year centralized regulation, two years consolidation and promotion, three years to establish a long-term mechanism. Objective: By October 31 of this year, Guiyang GUI 'an will be fully completed. The three certificates are in one. The fishing vessels with valid certificates and incorporated into the information management system for returning fishing vessels in key waters of the Yangtze River Basin will return to land, recover their certificates, dismantle their nets and compensate for returning fishing vessels, and relocate their production and businesses, so as to fully complete the task of returning fishing vessels. At the same time, a ten-year ban on fishing will be implemented from 0:00 on January 1, 2021, according to ldQUO; Publicity, patrol, management, playing; The four-step method is to establish a long-term mechanism to prohibit fishing in the catchment area and realize the key waters of Guiyang Guian Yangtze River Basin. There is no qing Dynasty. That is, no fishing boats, no fishing nets, no fishing fishermen, no fishing production and clear boats, clear nets, clear rivers, clear lakes. It is reported that through the joint action of relevant departments, the Internet black production has been effectively cleaned up. By the end of 2019, the number of malicious programs used in homepage hijacking dropped by more than 75% from 65 to 16 per month. In the "Net 2019" campaign, the public security authorities shut down more than 210 black production companies, destroyed or shut down more than 40 platforms that traded SMS verification codes and helped to register malicious accounts, and arrested more than 14,000 suspects. The report noted that despite the initial success in cracking down on cyber hacking, cyber hacking activities are becoming increasingly professional and covert, and increasingly automated. In online fraud crimes such as "pig-killing dish", criminals buy and sell accurate personal information so as to understand the hobbies and characteristics of the target population. Through malicious registration of social accounts, and then "raise", with a complete social information, very confusing; Automatic tools for black production are also emerging, and the threshold for black production is gradually lowered. We will strengthen quarantine lines at ports to prevent the epidemic from entering through them. At the same time, to realize the mutual promotion of both domestic and international circulation, we need to further optimize the port business environment, speed up customs clearance, support comprehensive resumption of work and production, stabilize the basic plate of foreign trade and foreign investment, and achieve high-quality development of foreign trade.  

      First, we must pay high attention to it and proceed with caution. We will continue to improve the regular epidemic prevention and control mechanism, strengthen training on epidemic prevention and control knowledge and work capacity, and make preparations for epidemic prevention and control based on their own functions, so as to resolutely prevent a rebound of the epidemic. Second, we need to prevent loopholes, strengthen weak links, and strictly implement prevention and control measures. We will effectively conduct screening, control, quarantine and observation of personnel arriving or returning from medium-high risk areas, strengthen quarantine and testing of logistics, express delivery services, imported food and seafood products, and strictly implement regular epidemic prevention and control work. Third, we need to identify key points for scientific and precise prevention and control. Further straighten out the working mechanism, strengthen the communication and coordination with superior departments and horizontal, smooth external communication channels; Make overall planning for material reserve in advance, in case of emergency; The emergency drill should be carried out to improve the emergency response level of Nanming District; We will continue to carry out extensive patriotic public health campaigns, guide individuals to do a good job in protecting themselves, strengthen prevention and control barriers, and pool the efforts of the masses to prevent and control diseases.      

      It is understood that volunteers in the early stage of the competition will actively participate in the public welfare practice of urban and rural community development and governance based on the needs of citizens for voluntary services. During the games, they will serve as volunteers in the city. Face & throughout; , to provide consulting services, traffic guidance, maintenance of order around venues and other voluntary services for the games, so as to promote the efficient operation of the games. At the recruitment station, citizens can scan the QR code to register as urban volunteers for the Universiade. After completing the registration, they can also choose to participate in different types of volunteer service projects according to their own skills and actual needs through the registration platform. At the same time, the recruitment station every day volunteers carry out the universiade culture, volunteer spirit and other publicity.  From the trend of cultural variety show creation in recent years, "I will wait for you in the Summer Palace" continues the variety show and ldquo; The tide & throughout; The creative concept of combining culture is the latest attempt by local variety production organizations to excavate traditional cultural resources and transform ancient architecture, traditional art, folk craft, national culture and other precious resources into entertainment programs popular with young audiences in vivid forms of youth and entertainment. Such programs on the one hand, break through the traditional variety idol and talent show as the main content of the old way of thinking, the category of the mainstream culture into the variety of entertainment, on the other hand also boost the modernization of traditional culture in the form of entertainment variety, commercialization and trend of the transition, both produced positive social and cultural benefits, also has achieved remarkable market efficiency.   

       "In the last three years, things have really changed here." Walking on the colorful fitness trail, as a green belt demolition area resettlement households, Wang Yuansheng unconsciously recalled the previous scene. Due to various reasons, the green belt project in Jiaozuo City section has been difficult to advance after the main canal of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project was transferred and put on hold for 8 years. Both sides of the main canal are mostly dilapidated houses, which are badly built in private, and the environment is dirty and chaotic. Seen from above, this urban village, at the intersection of old and new, looks like a scar on the city. Faced with the difficult problems that have been shelving for a long time and the public's strong concerns, the Municipal Committee of the 11th Jiaozuo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) did not avoid or shirk them. Instead, the CPC committee of the 11th Jiaozuo Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) tackled the difficulties head-on and dared to shoulder the responsibility. It put forward the work requirement of "having the final say, deciding to do the work, and no matter how big the difficulties are, they will not change", and started the expropriation and relocation of the green belt of south-to-North Water Diversion Project in early 2017. Near noon in the deep bamboo forest of Dameyu Village in Kunming, Yunnan province, laughter is heard from time to time from inside the walled mud wall. As I pushed through the door, a group of children of all ages sat in groups of two or three, sketching on blueprints, preparing for the final outcome of their summer camp. The children come from all over the country to jointly create picture books of rural architecture by experiencing rural life and collecting folk historical stories. Their classroom is Moyu Village School, founded by Wu Chen, a "new villager" from Beijing. "New villagers" is the village to the big Moyu village home of outsiders collectively. Damoyu Village, located in the Xishan district of Kunming city, is a century-old yi village. Since 2015, "new villagers" have been moving into the village. They learn traditional culture and life skills from "old villagers" and bring new ideas to traditional villages.  Bringing in tourists is the first step in reviving tourism. Tourism authorities in many places have stepped in to add to the local situation. Sentiment & throughout; To mobilize the enthusiasm of tourists for travel and consumption by introducing annual travel tickets, tourism consumption coupons, and performing arts activities. August 8 solstice at the end of this year, hubei nearly 400 a-level tourist attractions to the national tourists free admission, during the activity, hubei culture and tourism department will focus on the release of A group of brand tourism routes, carefully launched A batch of upgrading of the new a-level scenic spots, each city and state also launched A variety of hui tour activities. By the end of August 1 solstice, 12 tourist attractions in Qingdao, shandong province will be open to the public for free. Shanghai has launched a batch of cultural tourism products in the summer of 2020. Safety, benefits, quality. Standard, to Shanghai key scenic spots, life service platform and tourism enterprises to implement a number of preferential policies.

      Accompanied by Zhang Leqing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of the hospital, the observation group of the Municipal Health Commission listened to the work report of Zheng Haijun, project leader and director of the first District of cardiovascular Medicine of the Municipal People's Hospital, visited relevant facilities and equipment, and asked the staff about their concerns in detail. Finally, the observation group affirmed the construction of the regional medical center for cardiovascular diseases in The city and scored it. The relevant person in charge of the municipal people's hospital, said in the future, in the courtyard party committee under the strong support and promote, will continue to introduce talents and professional management team, against national standard stresses the construction, control its status to find the gap, control regional development seek breakthrough, practical, have the courage to bear, with first-class standard construction good cardiovascular disease regional medical center, we will further improve the medical service system in our city. The market gradually recovered, but also quietly changed. This summer holiday, people's travel habits, consumption preferences, focus and so on have changed. A survey conducted by CYTS shows that in contrast to the past. Price first, service first. Visitors now pay more attention than ever. Whether there is protection against epidemic and whether it can be effectively implemented. . Zheng Xianjun, who runs a travel agency in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, said the number of private and customized Tours has increased significantly this summer. & other; These small group tour products are very popular among tourists because of their privacy, high security and the ability to meet their individual needs. Throughout the &; At present, the small package team of less than 10 people is the main promotion product of Zheng Xianjun Travel Agency. With parent-child travel and family travel as the main, more to the red tourism destination. Throughout the &; According to Mr Zheng, it is no longer the price that is the main concern of visitors seeking advice. Source reduction is the fundamental way to improve the reduction and recycling of household garbage. On the one hand, units and individuals are encouraged to purchase and use comprehensive utilization products and reusable products in line with the idea of encouraging and mandatory. Green office is promoted in government organs and public institutions, and comprehensive utilization products and reusable products are purchased with priority. On the other hand limit the overuse of disposable supplies, office, institution does not use or reduce the use of disposable supplies, catering business operator shall not take the initiative to offer consumers disposable tableware, hotel and business operation entities shall not take the initiative to offer consumers rooms disposable supplies, promote life waste source reduction.   Talking about a common chronic cough, Song explained patiently: "Generally, the cough will last for more than four weeks after infection and gradually heal over four to eight weeks. Cough-variant asthma mainly presents as dry cough lasting more than 4 weeks, and some children may have a family history of allergic diseases. The cough caused by upper airway cough syndrome is often accompanied by runny nose, nasal congestion, pharyngeal itching, snoring and other symptoms. The cough will be aggravated when changing position. Asthma combined with chronic cough infection, anti - infective drugs plus bronchodilators can be very effective treatment. Protracted bacterial bronchitis is in recent years by the moist attaches great importance to the cause of chronic cough a disease, caused by bacterial infection, and anti-infection therapy is not standard, airway cilia clearance dysfunction, immune function defect reasons, such as use of amoxicillin clavulanic acid and potassium antimicrobial treatment 2 weeks will be improved markedly. Cock-like echoes are typical symptoms of whooping cough. A cough caused by a foreign body in the trachea requires a CT scan or even a CT scan of the lungs to make a definitive diagnosis."

      We will focus on preventing major risks, focus on preventing and controlling coVID-19, maintaining stability through letters and visits, work safety, government debt, and finance, and firmly guard against all kinds of risks to ensure overall social harmony and stability. According to airport road residential committee director Ding Wenjun introduced, the creation of a national civilized city everyone is the master, must fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, creativity of all aspects. The participation of the low-income families can effectively mobilize everyone to participate, so that they become. hot The activity lasted for two months, invited more than 10 groups of domestic famous bands such as second-hand Rose, Shaman band, Nine Treasure band, Tomahawk Band, Crazy Doctor band, Snow sank band, please pay more attention to the band, as well as the top 100 DJ Club chart famous DJ love to join. The activity sets new ways of play every week, the theme of the week is different, there are water gun bubble party, balloon party, national tide night, green campus, masque dance party and other ways of play, the dance is cool, a strong cast, diversified content, as soon as it is launched, it has attracted music fans and tourists from all over the country. On August 1, Yuntai Mountain electric music ushered in the second rock and roll night, jiubao band, Crazy doctor band, honey band and electric music diva UKI appeared to add code. A string of strong rhythm, a restless song, lit up the enthusiasm of people in the place, cheering, waving flags and Shouting, set off a burst of music frenzy. According to the report, yuntai Mountain has also launched a series of welfare activities around e-syllables. For example, 2020 Yuntai Mountain Annual pass users will enjoy a special discount of 50 yuan per person, with the original price of 78 yuan per person on Friday and Saturday. Launched the # Yuntai Mountain Electronic Douyin Challenge on Douyin Platform, with more than 50 prizes including mobile phones and cash waiting for you to win. Jointly with Euler Automobile co., LTD., the lucky draw activity of "Buy tickets and give cars" was held. On the evening of August 1, amid cheers at the scene of the electric syllables, Ms. Wang of Jiaozuowen County, Henan province, who was the lucky winner of the first round of "car delivery", was given the right to use an Euler new energy vehicle for a year. According to the staff, the second round of lucky draw will be held on the evening of August 22. Anyone who buys a ticket to yuntai mountain on August 22 will have the chance to get a free euler new energy vehicle. 

        The recovery of cross-provincial tourism will soon be full moon. In recent years, new development trends and new highlights have emerged in the areas of peripheral tourism, rural tourism, leisure tourism, cultural tourism and other fields. The market dominant position of domestic tourism has been further highlighted, which has become the basis for the recovery of the tourism industry. Tourists have also given a positive response, and the popularity of tourism continues to heat up, boosting confidence in the tourism market. & other; Throughout his travel &; It is an integrated tourism consumption APP platform in Jilin Province. It was originally a tourism advisory service platform. Traveling throughout the &; The service is convenient for netizens to travel to Jilin. On the basis of retaining the original tourism products, it also actively develops new ones. Some travel agencies also publicize the theme on their web portals by & LDQuo; Tourism throughout the &; Extended to & other; Throughout life &; While promoting tourist routes, local specialties will also be included. CAI Zhiyu, director of the planning department of Changchun Culture International Travel Service, said he hopes to give consumers a richer experience through these changes. After the resumption of cross-province tourism, Jilin Cultural tourism Department quickly began to implement the plan to promote the recovery of the tourism market, carried out both online and offline, and actively supported the above travel consumption platform to attract. Traveling throughout the &; Potential customers. 


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